~AhlaN wa SaHLaN~

"HarDsHip aLways coMe to those wHo have tHe abiLity to enDure thEm. Just as tHe gooD qualiTies are tO be fOunD in tHe honouReD peOpLe. A minOr tHing miGht seeM GREAT in the eyes of a minor persOn. Just as a greaT thing seemS minor in tHe eyeS oF a GREAT person" -Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi-

Sunday, January 10, 2010

new news

new day, new life, new story..


this blog is still under construction.so boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, so sorry for this inconveniency.hmm, still thinking and blurring how to manage this very own blog.any ideas??dont be shy2 to share with me..

*gambar hanya sebagai hiasan

maalish awi2 'ala dilmusykilah ya zumala'

one more thing, lets be sure that this is totally a 'free' site.so, i have the right to write or produce or publish any kind of posts, sahh??!!

aiwah, agree!!

thank you for agreeing with me (:



Athirah said...

saya setuju..

my blog is mine..
your blog are yours..

so, x kisahla nak post pasal apa en..
sebab blog ni sebagai wadah untuk mengekspresikan apa yang kita rasa..

sama ada, ada orang baca atau tak..
itu terpulang..

take it or leave it..

siti-situ-sana-sini said...

yeah tira...


lap ya!!

Lady Shukriyah said...


sketi ak la.

blog ak.

ko ta ske.

ko tulis blog sndri.