~AhlaN wa SaHLaN~

"HarDsHip aLways coMe to those wHo have tHe abiLity to enDure thEm. Just as tHe gooD qualiTies are tO be fOunD in tHe honouReD peOpLe. A minOr tHing miGht seeM GREAT in the eyes of a minor persOn. Just as a greaT thing seemS minor in tHe eyeS oF a GREAT person" -Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi-

Friday, June 11, 2010

pysiology = ....

new day, new life, new story...


physiology is a science of mechanism.being a doctor is not just reading the whole book and saving all the informations.your real test is on your patients who will come to you and complaining the sickness they are on.

izzah a.k.a lu is webcamming her dearest sisters.missing them maybe.fathiah's also, calling her sister.telling many times about not coming back to malaysia this year.'gapo lagi nak oyak?' (betul ke??,any kelantaneses..)keh3.

n me, wondering how's my revisions going on right now??physio2...really worrying me.interesting subject but never easy..kot.

ghairu mudhoff ilahi sukkar =)

temp.= 29degree celcius

*pssst,to whom that may concern-
i am updating my blog!!!!yeay!


SyAKir uZaiR said...

bole sye tau,ilahi atau ilaihi??
n 29 2 cm panas je ek..panas x??

siti-situ-sana-sini said...

ceit.sila terima ia sbgi spelling error.hehe.xde keyboard tulisan jawi la..n0pe2.msia lg pns..!xcaye tnye ayah aku..

Lady Shukriyah said...

good luck with physio. cant describe the feeling of unloading one burden on the back. hahahahah. btw. 29 dgree celcius is way too COLD. ure sure it's 29? cz i've been roasted like firoh masywi these days and believe me. it's not roasted until it's 40++. happy days to all. :)

siti-situ-sana-sini said...

cik shuk syg,ko tgk la ko nye umah tu tingkat bpe...alhmdulillah la yg dok kt dur 6 tu sutuh.kalo x,mmg da jd firoh masywi geseng da..hehe.u n diba,gud luck for d next upcoming exam..!

Noor Faradzela Binti Mohamad said...

aja.he..lame kite mnnti post bru aja..at last..phew~ haha..
aja..gud luck ea ;))

SyAKir uZaiR said...

nmpknye akla yg underestimate suhu kat msia nh..haha

**panas jgk msia nh ek =p

siti-situ-sana-sini said...

nor, ni je yang mampu..nk cter ley cam xde kudrat je..aka malas!!

ehehe..inshallah.i'll try to apdate more n more..

malaysia agak panas, mesir sangat panas...
nantikan rusia tersaaaaaangat sejuk!!inshallah

siti-situ-sana-sini said...

*apdate???jawe gle

sori typo error


SyAKir uZaiR said...

hahah..i take dat as advice =p