~AhlaN wa SaHLaN~

"HarDsHip aLways coMe to those wHo have tHe abiLity to enDure thEm. Just as tHe gooD qualiTies are tO be fOunD in tHe honouReD peOpLe. A minOr tHing miGht seeM GREAT in the eyes of a minor persOn. Just as a greaT thing seemS minor in tHe eyeS oF a GREAT person" -Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi-

Monday, January 17, 2011

my 3 words for u..

new day, new life, new story..

..be strong dear!..

you are not alone

u still have the FUTURE...


safiOmar said...


3words je utk i??

siti-situ-sana-sini said...

cukupla 3 words..
u nk byk mne lagi?