~AhlaN wa SaHLaN~

"HarDsHip aLways coMe to those wHo have tHe abiLity to enDure thEm. Just as tHe gooD qualiTies are tO be fOunD in tHe honouReD peOpLe. A minOr tHing miGht seeM GREAT in the eyes of a minor persOn. Just as a greaT thing seemS minor in tHe eyeS oF a GREAT person" -Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi-

Thursday, April 30, 2009

athirah plak..

new day, new life, new story..

1. What is your mobile phone brand?
-sony ericsson w200i..when am i gonna buy d new n latest one??huu~

2. When did you buy it?
-december 2007..2 hours before the flight to sabah..

3. What color your mobile phone is?
-brownish orange+silver..think so

4. How many messages are in your inbox?

5. Who gave you SMS recently ?
-PLKN suraya
-adibah ibrahim
-syakir b...
-d last msg

6. What picture became your wallpaper?
-cutey pooh

7. Please stated :
~ Missed called : emak~
~ Received called : abah~
~ Dialled Numbers : ita sista~

8. Why you like your mobile phone?
-pmr's present..???
-last longer battery..hee..
-lots of make-me-sleep songzz

9. How long did you use your mobile phone?
-since dec 2007..calculate it urself..heee

10. Tag who?


Athirah said...

syakir b..
adeii..hajar ni..
ada-ada je

..~mE sTarLigHT~.. said...

heee..tirah, tu rahsia kte berdua je taw!

Athirah said...

top secret..
marah la iman kang..
tapi dia x de blog en..

..~mE sTarLigHT~.. said...

rsenye iman x marah kot
sbb kte ni top bestfren die..muahaha
klu marah, putus kwn a..haha
n btw, iman pon tw kte tulis cmtu..
well,no komen from her..hik3!!