~AhlaN wa SaHLaN~

"HarDsHip aLways coMe to those wHo have tHe abiLity to enDure thEm. Just as tHe gooD qualiTies are tO be fOunD in tHe honouReD peOpLe. A minOr tHing miGht seeM GREAT in the eyes of a minor persOn. Just as a greaT thing seemS minor in tHe eyeS oF a GREAT person" -Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi-

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

*~ H.I.N.N ~*

new day, new life, new story..

..planning d future..
-nadhirah bt amir rashid-
-4th september 19__-
"i have such perfect eyes n nose n mouth n ears n d bestest asset, my hi-pitching voice..they are so perfect..n for ur info, i use it wisely n forsure, perfectly..plizz, no doubt in me"

..d model of d year..
-nadia izzati bt. razali-
-3rd may 19__-
"i live in my own world.dont ever interupt me..except my 3 lovely frenzz..hik3..i have my own view about life n how it suppose to run..object me if u can..lalala~"

..i'm gonna fly..
-izyan hazirah bt. mohamed dahlan-
-5th may 19__-
"i'm d most beautiful princess barbies of d world(bkn versi laura gedixx!)..haha..i really dont know wat to do..i just a little too not over u..well, i'm a family-type person..luv ma family soo muchh!!"

..nice teeth, huh?!..
-writer, blog owner-
-18th september 19__-
"i have a complicated life.. i luv being in d world; making my own decision but stil considering others.."

they love u but, they are not your lover..
they care for you but they are not from your family..
they are ready to share your pain but they are not in your blood relation..
they are..

true friend scolds like a dad
cares like a mom
teases like a sister
irritates like a brother
finally loves you more than a lover..

yeah, finally, my dream post is done..njoy..
speacially dedicated to my dearie frenzz, didi, nadia n izyan!!
luv n mish u all!!


Athirah said...

kita da jumpa komputer kat sini..
my heaven!!

siti-situ-sana-sini said...

bole le update blog slalu...

Anonymous said...

yeay..me 2!..eish..mnyibuk je tetiba kn kn kn..?

siti-situ-sana-sini said...

adakah bdk2 intec kini semakin maju ke hadapan??

ImaZahra said...

waa.. rindunye dgn yan..
kirim salam dekat dia ye nnt;)

Anonymous said...


siti-situ-sana-sini said...

insyaAllah ima!